The inconspicuous splint with a big effect

What are aligners?

Aligners are made on the basis of a 3D scan of the jaw with the aim of positively influencing the appearance of the jaw in the long term.

In contrast to conventional braces, the transparent splints are not firmly attached to the jaw, but can be removed. Our high-quality aligners correct the position of the teeth and close tooth gaps in the long term.

How is the process?

  1. Make an appointment with us on site
  2. We advise you and define a goal for the aligner
  3. A scan is created
  4. After a few days, the aligner is ready
  5. We stay in touch with you and keep an eye on the results

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Zahnschiene, Aligner

The benefits of aligners




practically invisible


quick results



“This inconspicuous splint helped me to gain more self-confidence in a short time and with little effort .”

Martina Scheffert, customer